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SciTech specializes in software development, hardware implementations, protocol architecture, and technical education for enterprise, metro, and international networks. Partnerships with engineers, vendors, and educators are a special area of expertise, with projects ranging from how-to manuals to peer-reviewed papers and presentations.

Writing projects at BBN Technologies focus on GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovation. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, GENI is becoming the world's first laboratory environment for exploring future internets at scale.

Projects at Juniper Networks, Inc., include research and writing for the State of Washington's 2010 broadband grant proposal, as well as papers about operating system efficiency, protocol implementation, network performance, and application tools. SciTech edited presentations and promotional brochures and worked closely with engineers to document new products and services.

Within the SciTech portfolio is work at the University of Michigan's Merit Network to coordinate three annual meetings of the North American Network Operators' Group. As NANOG coordinator SciTech personnel chaired the Program Committee, hosted meetings, and oversaw relations between vendors and non-profit organizations. NANOG is the foremost U.S. user group for Internet Service Providers.